MzPlanet is able to offer our extremely low prices by adhering to the support policy outlined below. This is an unmanaged service, which means that you are expected to be able to administer and troubleshoot all aspects of your account.  



What we support:

  • All aspects of the physical server that hosts your VPS - Performance, Hardware, and Uptime.
  • Reverse DNS assignment.
  • Root password resets.
  • Configuration changes that must be set outside of your server, like hostname and resolver configuration.
  • Access problems such as inability to login via SSH - we will troubleshoot until we are able to login.
  • Billing Questions.

What we do not support:

  • Issues related to the performance or uptime of an individual VPS account or application.
  • Installing applications not available in OS Initial installation.
  • Troubleshooting or configuring any software.
  • General help with Unix or server applications.
  • 3rd-party control panel installation, configuration, or troubleshooting.

  If you need assistance with any of the unsupported items, you will find that the open source development community provides documentation and mailing lists for almost all of the default applications you will use on your VPS. You can often get assistance with any software-related problems from these resources.